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3DS Homebrew Channel imminent ⊟
French coder Smealum is preparing to release a 3DS Homebrew Channel hack for 3DSes soon! Here’s why this project is awesome:
It works on the latest 3DS firmware, unlike previous hacks that require outdated versions from a year and a half ago
This will not load commercial or pirated 3DS ROMs, only homebrew apps and games (though it will be able to run emulators like this SNES one for 3DS)
It will support North American, European, and Japanese systems
While Smealum hasn’t implemented region unlocking yet, he says "playing games from other region[s] should almost definitely be possible"
Presumably you’ll need a homebrew device to patch your system once Smealum releases the hack. Credit to @gemesisDev for the photo.
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LookingBo Young Jeong (Korean, b.1973)
Oil on canvas, 112 x 162 cm, 2010.Korean Art Museum Association.